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JUSTIN: "Yoga with Molly is the best! I learned to balance in Mind, body and breathing. I changed my way of being..."

JANICE: "Yoga has opened me up to my inner life where all my true strength is..."


"I came to Sovereign Health and was introduced to yoga . It was my first time. Thanks to Molly I feel much better! I used yoga as a tool for my anxiety and depression. I will continue to practice yoga and reap the benefits! Namaste"


"I always look forward to Yoga with Molly because she is an incredible instructor and I feel wonderful after our sessions. When I first started with Molly, I had a broken right hand and was worried I would not be able to participate, but Molly showed me a vast array of poses and thought exercises that helped me loosen up, feel grounded, and be mindful of my body. The good feelings lasted for hours afterwards. As my hand healed and I was able to fully engage in her classes, Molly encouraged me, emphasis on courage, to really hold these seemingly simple poses. There was more than one extraordinary moment when I would exhale during a pose and feel my body loosen instantly. Molly was very attentive and made sure I was doing the poses exactly, understanding the importance of proper technique. I love her soothing voice, talking about the connection of mind and body, focusing on our breathing, being in the moment. These lessons carried far beyond the sessions, I am far more peaceful, patient, and mindful of my being in everyday life. Thank you Molly for giving me the courage to strengthen and loosen my body, your sessions were truly magical.

Thank you again Molly!"

Much love,
Buzz Bloomfield


" I love your yoga classes! You're not good, your're exceptional. The way you bring God into it is unlike any other teacher. And your commitment, your energy. the intelligence and knowledge you bring to it.......I have just 3 words for you: A MAZE ZING! You hear me girl? You're awesome!


"This is the last day of the Yogini Project. It's amazing how much change has occurred in my life since I started this. Of course I had no way of knowing what the future would bring when I started, and even if I had known, it wouldn't have influenced my decision to participate.

What I'm thinking about now is how my participation in the project impacted the way I handled events in my life.

I would say that these past forty days have given me physical benefits. My skin looks a lot better. My muscles are more toned. But I anticipated that. I expected that to happen.

Since the beginning of this project, I have experienced a some loss. There was a death in my family to name one... Other things occurred as well. How would I have handled it all if I wasn't in this process? I have no way of knowing for sure.

But this is something that I do know for sure. I was completely aware of what was going on in my life and how I felt about it. I handled every event well. What I mean by that is that I never over reacted and yet I was able to express myself clearly. I felt that I was able to be fully engaged every time it was necessary for me to be present. And I was able to let go and rest whenever I needed to do that. I felt a kinship with the other people in the group. Little words of encouragement came to me from them when I needed them. Just when I felt like I couldn't really do any more - we would meet for our scheduled workout session and the group energy helped me power through fatigue and keep going physically (plus a certain amount of peer pressure - which can also help sometimes) (just kidding)...

So to sum it up, I'll say that I am stronger. I'm physically stronger and mentally stronger. And more that that - I feel more secure in myself somehow.

I didn't have much experience with yoga before this Yogini Project so I had no idea how it would affect me. But I'm very glad I did it. And since it's been forty days, I'm pretty sure that it's become a habit that I will continue. It started as a tool and now the tool is in my mind and in my muscle memory and I'm going to keep using that tool.

Thanks to everyone involved in this and especially Molly Basler who created the concept and fostered us through the process. I had a marvelous experience."


"It has been 40 days since I joined the Yogini Project to finally change my health from the Inside out. During these 40 days i followed a Yoga strength training program with meditation and a vegan diet. I also cut out all Television for 40 days. Before I joined the Yogini Program I suffered from depression, stress, back pain(from a back spasm), wrist pain (from multiple fractures), headaches, insomnia, emotional eating and drinking too much. I was overweight and unhappy. I had family problems and tried resolving them with alcohol. I was disconnected with my own life. As soon as i started the Yogini program i began to notice changes in my sleep, attitude and body. Every morning I would meditate and focus on "Faith". At first it was difficult to stop my racing thoughts but with consistency I found my love, passion, faith and strength through being still, and centered. I began being grateful about what I did have instead of what I didn't. I began connecting with my body, mind, family, friends, animals, thoughts, life. I slowly began to drop away everything that caused negativity. I no longer felt the need to dwell on things that would upset or anger me. I no longer gave energy to negative thoughts, and I no longer emotionally eat or drink alcohol to block out my sadness. I began spending time with people who only brought me happiness.

Because of the Yogini Program I am physically and mentally strong. I am no longer depressed, I have no back pain, I have no wrist pain, I sleep 8 hours a night easily, I am full of energy, and cut out junk food and obtained a healthy vegan lifestyle. My relationships are stronger and I've attracted many blessings. I have lost over 15 pounds and gained muscle. I feel confident and connected. I am a changed woman. Thank you Molly Basler, for being an inspiring and supportive coach. Thank you for inviting me to open my eyes to infinite possibilities. This is just the beginning of my new life. I now look out into the world through the lens of a believer. Thank you =)"


"Thank you again, Molly, for all your time and teachings! This program has bettered me in several different ways. I have learned to slow down and take time in each day to focus, meditate, and exercise. I believe I have become a more grateful and patient person, by instilling yoga into my daily routine. I was able to change my diet by adding kale, chia seeds, and vegan dishes. My physical focus was to tone up and strengthen my abs, which I believe I accomplished. I definitely noticed I got stronger in some of the holds and push-ups. I really enjoyed you putting recipes up on the site to give us new ideas. It is also nice that you provide weight, mats, and yoga balls. It's great to recommend watching The Secret, as you did with Gina. I happen to watch it during our time and found it to be very inspiring and resourceful. I suggest you print out the routine before the focus group starts, and if you had some pictures that would even be better. I will continue to focus on my mantra FAITH in my daily activities. Good luck with you book and future focus groups. You are really making an impact!"

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