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I know from my years of personal and professional experience that looking good just isn't enough. To achieve total health, WELL-BEING and TO BE FIT AND FABULOUS, you need to work your Inside, your mind, through: meditation, positive affirmations and mindfulness, as diligently as you work your Outside,through: yoga, cardio, strength training, and safe weight loss.

Healthy food, healthy strong body,healthy strong mind, healthy self-image: those are all integral parts of true fitness and vitality. Molly Basler's Fitness/Wellness creates balance, strength,flexibility and empowerment in your body and mind, therefore, your life. I promise that I will give you more than just great abs and strong arms. You'll walk away with body confidence, excellent posture, a positive outlook on life and positive energy that will last long after the endorphins wear off.

I hope you take the time to find out what Molly Basler's Fitness/Wellness is all about. After you have a chance to explore the site, please contact me to find out how I can help you on your journey to health, serenity and balance ... to fitness/wellness from the InsideOut!


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What is a Yogini? A Yogini is a female practitioner of yoga who achieves a state of inner energy and ecstacy representing the highest spriritual goal for all women. Through the practice of yoga and diet it is an extraordinary pathway for women to become one with the Goddess within which, when practiced daily positively changes and enlightens herself and the world around her.

What is THE YOGINI PROJECT? It is a conscious lifestyle program that includes a 40 day weight loss, higher consciousness and empowerment program.

I will be creating a focus group of 8 women,bringing them through my 40 day program and I will document what goes on by writing on this blog. This blog is for me to share with you, not only the 40 day program but ALL my health, wellness, nutrition, consciousness, fitness, meditation and yoga expertise that I have inside of me. Ultimately I am attempting to help change the world through the yoga/meditation practice and achieving mindfulness. When you are mindful, you are conscious, when you are conscious you are connected and when you are connected you feel good and you don't do harmful things to yourself or others.

Focus your body. Focus your mind. Focus your breathing and you Focus your life!

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