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I began my career in the fitness world 20 years ago teaching cardio body sculpting. As the years passed I began to evolve and I wanted more than just a physical workout, I wanted a mental one. I began studying meditation and yoga, forever changing my life for the better. I became focused, centered and began awakening to my consciousness.

Now what does that mean: Consciousness? It means to connect to oneself therefore connecting to others and the world as a whole. You are aware of others and the planet. You realize that it "ALL" matters! Mind. Body connection is what awakens you to an entire new way of living.

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Healthy Food. Healthy Planet.I wanted to give to others the road map to the changes that had happened to me.

I began teaching yoga and meditation. I became a vegan. A vegan chef. I wrote a promotional vegan cookbook. I created The Yogini GingerClove Luscious Lemonade and The Yogini Pineapple Ginger Luscious Lemonade. I studied Climate Change with Former VP Al Gore and became a Climate Reality Leader. I can now guide you to GREEN LIvIng In your household or workplace It all came together as one glorious program for the greater good of all beings.

I offer you a Conscious Living Program that will guide you to a new way of living.....CONSCIOUS LIVING.


Molly Basler Conscious Living from Molly Basler on Vimeo.


The Yogini Vegan Chef from Molly Basler on Vimeo.

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