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Dear Reader,

I wasn't always a vegan. Most of my life I was a flesh eating carnivore, but when I learned the ugly truth about the meat and dairy industries and their cruel & reprehensible treatment towards animals, not to mention the negative impact their products had on my health, I went cold turkey, so to speak, and stopped eating meat and dairy and never looked back. I stepped out of the darkness and into the light!!

That's when I made the conscious choice to go vegan. Clueless as to what to eat, what to do & how to transform myself into this new & healthy lifestyle, I looked at the experience as an opportunity to grow and expand my consciousness by reading all the websites on the subject and studying as many books as I could like "Skinny Bitch" the vegan bible for beginners. In time like any new endeavor, I learned the basics and instinctively knew I was on the right track when I began to feel the medicinal benefits of this highly rewarding diet which kick-started a desire to create and share my own recipes.

And here they are, health-sustaining, vegan recipes contained within the pages of my first book. Voila! Each recipe is infused and endeared with my mission statement to wet your palate and treat your appetite to this healthy, happy and ethically responsible new life-style that will change, enlighten and bring out the Yogini in you!!

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