Molly Basler - Los Angeles Fitness - Meditation - Personal Trainer


Meet Molly Basler

Molly developed her true passion and distinctive skills over 15 years ago when she began studying and teaching fitness. As one of the most respected fitness instructors in Southern California, Molly is known for her holistic and approachable wellness methods designed for personal and group success.

She studied at USC and Mills College, where she earned her BA. She has trained as a serious athlete throughout her entire life competing in tennis, track and field. Molly evolved and expanded her fitness philosophy, beginning with her introduction and instant passion for yoga and meditation over 7 years ago. Her approach recognizes that all health and wellness begins from the inside and this became the start of InsideOut Fitness and Wellness Program. She created the Work/In Program to help people find the true meaning of wellness that lasts a lifetime and incorporates; fitness, nutrition, work-life balance and overall well-being.

Molly has implemented successful wellness programs for businesses as well as community organizations including a respected domestic violence shelter and the Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills. She speaks frequently for Kaiser Permanente in their educational program and is developing her own series of books on health, weight loss,higher consciousness and empowerment.

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